Google Cloud Helps States Increase COVID-19 Vaccines

The cloud provider works with Massachusetts, North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon and Virginia to contribute to a variety of large-scale efforts.

In the wake of the launch of its Intelligent Vaccine Impact to help communities deliver vaccines to more people quickly and effectively, Google has partnered with Massachusetts, North Carolina, Arizona, Oregon and Virginia to participate in mass immunization initiatives.

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Many states have deployed IVI to integrate into their existing technology infrastructure to meet demand, Google said. In some states and localities, the cloud provider said it provided information on vaccines, planning, distribution and analysis.

“In other states, we solve discrete problems such as activating data sharing and analyzing from multiple immunization sites or providing key measurements to individual sites,” said Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google Cloud, in a blog post.

Helping to get Arizonians vaccinated

Arizona’s Department of Health Services hired Google Cloud and its partner MTX in December 2020 to create an end-to-end vaccine management distribution system that would allow its 4 million citizens to plan and receive a COVID-19 vaccine, Kurian said.

Google Cloud has built a centralized system, as well as a dashboard that provides Arizona counties and tribes with a consistent approach to managing and monitoring the vaccine administration process in a matter of weeks, he said.

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State public health departments can use predictive analyses to predict the trajectory of the virus, as well as other potential infectious disease outbreaks, Google said.

To date, Arizona has administered 2.6 million vaccines and the Google Cloud system has booked nearly 1.5 million appointments. The system recorded more than 150,000 appointments in the first two hours of the site’s launch.

Helping Massachusetts speed up its immunization process

In mid-March, Google Cloud began working with the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to launch a new vaccine pre-registration system to rapidly accelerate its immunization efforts. The goal of the newly deployed system is to enable residents to quickly complete an online form by entering their personal details, contact information and eligibility criteria.

The Commonwealth then provides an SMS, email or voicemail notification to alert residents when they can make an appointment at the nearest vaccination sites.

This new pre-registration system eliminates the need for users to search repeatedly to find appointments nation-entirely on vaccination sites, according to Google. The system includes a waiting list that allows the Commonwealth to proactively provide weekly status notices and updates confirming that users are pre-registered.

As appointments become available, the pre-registration system sends a link to make an appointment, and users have 24 hours to select the desired appointment time. If the appointment time is not booked, the system will automatically alert the next resident online. On the first day of the state’s launch, more than 400,000 citizens pre-registered for a vaccine. At the height of the activity, the site recorded 19 pre-registrations per second, Kurian said.

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