AWS’ Shane Miller heads newly created Rust Foundation

Shane Miller, Senior Engineering Director at Amazon Web Services, will assume the position of first President of the newly created Rust Foundation.

Sources tell ZDNet that the Rust Foundation will announce on April 12 that Shane Miller, senior engineering director of Amazon Web Services (AWS), has been elected first president of the all-new Rust Foundation. Miller confirmed that she had been “elected President of the Rust Foundation by the Board of Directors at our March 9 meeting.”

Miller, who leads the Rust Platform team for AWS, has been a software engineer for nearly 30 years. At AWS, Miller has been a leader in open source strategic initiatives and software engineering and delivery. Miller’s Rust Platform team includes Rust language and compiler managers as well as contributors and developers on the Tokio runtime to write reliable asynchronous applications with Rust. Under Miller’s leadership, the AWS Rust team develops optimizations and tools for features that engineers will use to create and operate services that take full advantage of Rust’s performance and security.

As a Foundation, Miller will continue the Foundation’s mission to enable Rust’s maintenance managers to do their best, and will strive to eliminate maintenance costs for computational, storage and productivity tools. The common goal of the Rust Foundation is to create an organization that makes Rust truly accessible – by providing access to resources such as leadership and communication training that can help Rust’s maintenance managers grow and develop their teams. Its goal is to make the community inclusive and welcome to all, including those who may be new to open source projects.

“Together with the Rust developer community,” Miller said, “we can work to achieve progress such as faster performance, greater sustainability and a more diverse and inclusive engineering community.”

The Rust Foundation brought together AWS, Google, Huawei and Microsoft, as well as Mozilla – Rust’s original corporate sponsor – to manage Rust’s development. The founding members of the Rust Foundation represent a two-year commitment to an annual budget of more than $1 million to develop services, programs and events that support the volunteer work of Rust maintainers.

Rust has become increasingly popular as a safer alternative to C and C-for system development. It has become one of the most popular languages for system development. Rust is even used now in the Linux operating system.

While Mozilla has given up supporting Rust, he has found new homes with many other businesses. Google, for example, supports its use in the Apache HTTP web server project and Rust can now also be used in Android. At the same time, Microsoft is considering replacing some of the components of Windows written in C/C with Rust and developing Azure cloud components in Rust.

Under Miller and the new Foundation, Rust, already well on his way to becoming an essential language for systems, can only get stronger and stronger.

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